IUF1121-IATA UFTAA Foundation I


The Foundation in Travel and Tourism Course is the first of the three IATA/UFTAA diploma levels.

 The course provides an overview and an understanding of the travel and tourism industry, the practicalities of the travel professional’s role in this industry, the importance of exceeding customer’s expectation, and an excellent foundation of air fare calculations and ticking.

Hence, an essential knowledge and skills provided for those aspiring to enter the industry as well as travel professionals.

This gives the participants a strong competitive edge to start a successful career in the Tourism industry.


Upon completion of this programme, learners will be able to apply a wide-range of skills and knowledge including

Ø  The role of the travel and tourism industry as well as the travel professional being able to be exhibited by students.

Ø  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding in geography when planning travel itineraries, and be able to identify the different types of currencies in the world.

Ø  There will be an understanding of essential  knowledge required in the air transport industry, such as facilities used at the airport, transit areas, as well as departure and arrival formalities.

Ø  Understand the role of information technology in the travel industry

Ø  Students will be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the Global Distribution System (GDS) in the travel and tourism industry, by being able to use the computer to sign in and out, as well as maneuvering in the system at any point in the work station.

Ø  Learn effective customer service skills.

Ø  Book, Retrieve relevant information pertaining to clients and their travel arrangements, and sell travel products

Ø  Construct complex fares and routings by applying the IATA fare construction principles.

Ø  This course is the first step towards becoming an IATA certificate professor and /or IATA certified agent. IATA certified agents are in close contact with the airlines via the Global distribution system (GDS), they earn commission per booking.




·         The travel and Tourism industry and the Travel Professional

·         Geography in travel planning 1

·         Travel formalities


·         Land Transport- Rail

·         Land Transport- car and Camp

·         Water transport- ferry

·         Hotels

·         Tour packages 1

·         Air transport essentials


·         Customer service

·         Technology in the travel industry 1


·         Airfares and Ticketing 1


Method of Instruction:                      

·         Lecture

·         Group discussions,

·         Case studies, exercises and demonstrations.

·         Hands on practice in the computer laboratory

·         The teaching materials include computer, CD-Rom, and books which will help with the teaching of the teaching of the module.