ASM1131-Airline Station Management

Airline Station Management help to know:

What is Ground Operations, why is the efficient and cost effective management of its functions important in today's aviation industry, and whom does this course concern? Ground Operations at the Station level, encompasses a number of administrative and operational functions related to the servicing of a parked aircraft on arrival and its preparation for departure. The scope of the services may include aircraft servicing, passenger and baggage handling, cargo processing, and a number of other activities depending on the scale of the operations. Ground operations may be self-contained within the airline or outsourced to Ground Service Providers (GSPs), depending on the agreement between the parties.

In response to the challenges the aviation industry is facing today, airlines have had to adopt cost-cutting measures across all areas of operation, including ground handling. In order to be cost-effective, airlines have outsourced their ground operations functions to Ground Service Providers. Consequently, the Station Manager's role has evolved from exclusively overseeing his airline staff to managing external service providers as well.