Air Transport Essentials

The travel agent's primary function is to help make travel arrangements for their customers. Therefore, the main goal of this module is to introduce students to the industry's common reference guides. Students will be taught how to access information relating to flight schedules and other services. In addition, students will look at and be able to describe the services and facilities available to passengers both before and during travel.

In this module, students will look at codes that are universally recognized throughout the air transport industry. Airlines and travel agents use codes to facilitate booking procedures. By working with this Module students will also become familiar with other abbreviations, terms, and definitions that are in general use within the air and travel industries.

Finally, we will look at the international regulations applying to the transport of passengers and cargo for all international air transportation.

Exercises, discussions, and activities are included in this Module to help students apply their new knowledge. Completing these tasks will also help to build students' confidence prior to dealing with customers.